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Woodland Springs Veterinary Hospital, Otitis, Mixed Breed Canine

Left ear very inflamed and the canal was swollen with yellow debris. Visual inspection with otoscope; ear cytology revealed bacterial and yeast otitis

Author(s): Woodland Springs Veterinary Hospital, Ft. Worth, TX

Advanced Rehabilitation Center for Animals, Michigan State University, Wounds and Colostridal Myositis, Equine

Vaccines and dental 24 hrs prior to presentation. Dx. Clostridial myositis due to infection with Colstridium perfringens.

Author(s): Advanced Rehabilitation Center for Animals, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Mile High Veterinary Hospital, Osteomyelitis, Doberman Pinscher

Case Contest Honorable Mention

Author(s): Mile High Veterinary Hospital, Aurora, CO

Baring Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, Severe Demodicosis, American Staffordshire Terrier

Case Contest Runner Up Winner
Severe Demodicosis

Author(s): Baring Boulevard Veteinary Hospital, Reno, NV

Best Friends Forever Veterinary Care, Chronic Wounds & Stomatitis, Feline

Case Contest Winner
Stomatitis and wounds

Author(s): BFF Veterinary Care, Minneapolis, MN

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