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Thonglor Pet Hospital, Severe Trauma, Multiple Fractures, Feline

Presented with severe trauma after falling out of 8th story window.

Author: Thonglor Pet Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Baring Boulevard Animal Hospital, Tendon Contracture and Lymphatic Obstruction, Great Pyrenees

Dog missing in NV for 4 days, was found with right front foot caught in steel leg trap.

Author: Baring Boulevard Animal Hospital, Reno, NV

Baton Rouge Veterinary Specialists, Chronic Scar Tissue & Lymphatic Obstruction, Labrador Retriever

6 month history of 3-legged lameness with any activity. Failure of medical therapy; presented to surgeon for amputation.

Author: Baton Rouge Veterinary Specialists, Baton Rouge, LA

Maumee Valley Veterinary Clinic, IVDD & Rear Limb Paresis, Lhasa Apso

Owners presented patient to a veterinarian after the dog was reluctant to climb stairs. On physical exam, the patient was painful in T-L spine and had motor ability in rear legs but was weak (paretic). Survey spinal radiographs showed narrowed IV disc space at T13-L1 and multiple calcified discs in lumbar spine (evidence of IVDD).

Author: Maumee Valley Veterinary Clinic, Woodburn, IN

VetMed Animal Clinic, Severe Spondylosis & Osteoarthritis, Pug

History of CHF, epilepsy (on chronic phenobarbital), urinary tract infection (from laying in urine), osteoarthritis. Patient’s chronic UTI’s were from immobility, urine scald, and chronic medications precluded the use of certain pharmacologics for osteoarthritis pain. Spinal/Pelvic radiographs revealed severe spondylosis and osteoarthritis of both hips.

Author: VetMed Animal Clinic, Covington, GA

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