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Spreading the Warmth

Veterinary technicians welcome responsibility of administering Class IV laser therapy.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. September 2009.
Author: Dennis Arp

Uses of Therapeutic Laser Expand

Read about how Dr. Robin Downing utilizes therapeutic laser in her clinic for a wide range of conditions.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. March 2009.
Author: Dennis Arp

Understanding Science of Laser Therapy

Ronald Riegel, DVM, has long worked to educate colleagues and dispel myths about laser technology, taking on culprits that include as icon of popular culture.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. July 2009.
Author: Dennis Arp

Practice Profiles: Deep-Tissue Laser Therapy

This profit center empowers you to provide advanced care and market your practice as a state-of-the-art facility.

Published: DVM 360. August 2008.
Author: Michelle O'Neal

Integrating a Class IV Laser into Practice

In this article learn about integrating a Class IV laser into practice, and the therapeutic benefits of laser therapy for patients.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. May 2008.
Author: Jessica Tremayne

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