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Confessions of a Therapy Laser Neophyte

Read about the unique challenges of treating exotic animals – and the unique solution that laser therapy offers.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. March 2012.
Author: Donald W. Stremme, VMD

Laser Therapy in a One-Doctor Practice

Dr. Bailey discusses his experience with Class III and Class IV therapy lasers and the clinical role of laser therapy in practice.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. June 2012.
Author: Keith A. Bailey, DVM

Laser Therapy in Equine Practice

Learn about the evolution of therapeutic lasers, how to achieve a clinical effect with laser therapy, and how to achieve ROI.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. January 2012.
Author: Ronald J. Riegel, DVM

Laser Therapy in a Rehabilitation Clinic

Read about the financial benefits of laser therapy and its role in a rehabilitation clinic.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. February 2012.
Author: Cindy A. Grant, DVM, CCRP

Injured Donkey Responds to Laser Therapy

Donkey recovers from pelvic fractures with laser therapy.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. August 2012.
Author: Jean Heaton Lovell

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