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Laser Therapy in a Rehabilitation Clinic

Read about the financial benefits of laser therapy and its role in a rehabilitation clinic.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. February 2012.
Author: Cindy A. Grant, DVM, CCRP

Injured Donkey Responds to Laser Therapy

Donkey recovers from pelvic fractures with laser therapy.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. August 2012.
Author: Jean Heaton Lovell

Warming to the Role

Therapy laser technicians find a wealth of rewards administering laser therapy.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. April 2012.
Author: Dennis Arp

Laser Therapy Helps Heal Victim’s Burns

In this case study read about how Ember, a dog who sustained extensive burns to her body when she was trapped in her crate in a burning house, recovered with laser therapy.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. May 2011.
Author: Dennis Arp

Class IV Laser Therapy – the Hot Technology of 2011

Veterinary medicine is buzzing about the success of Class IV therapy lasers. Over 3,000 practices report clinical and economic success with a technology that was unheard of five years ago.

Published: Integrative Veterinary Care. 2011.
Author: John C. Godbold, Jr., DVM

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