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The Sanctuary Seminar A Smashing Success

The Sanctuary Seminar A Smashing Success

Ocala, FL (April 22, 2014) – The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center partnered with The American Institute of Medical Laser Applications to present a seminar about understanding high tech therapies available to optimize the performance of equine athletes, including clinical applications of laser and stem cell therapies. The main speaker was Dr. Riegel. It was held on Thursday, April 10, 2014, at The Sanctuary, 5590 NW Highway 225, Ocala, FL.

“We had a great turnout,” says General manager Brenda McDuffee. “There were twenty-five veterinarians and about eighty people in attendance. I think everyone came away with a much broader knowledge and better understand of how the laser works, how it can benefit horses therapeutically and optimize performance both in preparation before an event and hasten faster recovery afterwards.

“I also think the audience learned how much the laser can help in maintaining athletes during training and in preventing injuries. We’ve already had three new clients call for laser therapy after attending the seminar. Also covered were some of the regenerative therapies like stem cell and ACS (Autologous Concentrated Serum) which complement many of the services we provide to improve healing.

“We really enjoy offering these programs to educate both horsemen and vets on all of the new technologies that are now available to help them improve healing and performance in their horses. Wellness and prevention are just as important as rehabilitation for everyone in the horse business, and it’s a great way for us to give back to the horse community and show people what we’re all about.”

Situated on nearly 30 pristine acres adjacent to Highway 27 in northwest Marion County, The Sanctuary Equine Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy Center has been treating world-class equine athletes, outstanding breeding stock, and family equine friends for nearly six years. It’s recognized by horsemen from all disciplines as the finest, most comprehensive facility of its kind in the world.

The Sanctuary features the most advanced conditioning and rehab equipment available, including a box-stall-type equine hyperbaric chamber, an Aqua Pacer water treadmill, cold saltwater leg spa, equine swimming pool, 5/8 mile race track, two Eurocisers with therapeutic tracking surface, temperature-controlled veterinary inspection area with semi-surgical lighting, and rubberized surfaces in most areas.

In addition, The Sanctuary offers mobile therapy, equine massage, chiropractic, dental, Pegasus therapy laser, MagnaWave/P3 Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy, PRO orthopedic devices, DAC vitamins & minerals, therapeutic farrier services, and many other cutting-edge treatment options.

Their staff has decades of experience treating equine athletes of all breeds, invaluable in helping horses of all kinds successfully return to useful lives and competition, as well as conditioning and preparing them to perform at their best in their next big event.

The American Institute of Medical Laser Applications is recognized as a national leader in laser education and ethics. AIMLA prides itself in the adherence to outcome-based laser medicine and provides certifications for technology demonstrating reproducible evidence-based outcomes via laser technology. Their mission is to provide opportunities to raise the level of knowledge in the numerous disciplines of medical lasers. By expanding knowledge, they hope to enhance the usage of medical lasers and improve their application.

For more information, contact The Sanctuary at 352-369-HEAL (4325).