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Companion® Therapy Announces a New Laser

Companion Therapy Announces a New Laser
Meet the CTL-9

NEWARK, DE – August 1, 2014 – Companion Therapy introduces the “CTL-9” therapy laser which is specifically designed for veterinarians who appreciate Companion’s quality and clinical performance in an economical and easy-to-use system.

The CTL-9 is the newest and smallest member of Companion’s family of lasers. It is perfect for practices who have fewer patients or who desire an exceptionally rapid return-on-investment, yet insist on the ability to efficiently provide reliable and reproducible clinical successes for their patients.

This 9-watt therapy system has sufficient power to provide efficient treatment and utilizes Companion’s patented Empower Delivery System with four application-specific treatment heads and software common to its other CTL-models.

CTL-9 owners enjoy all the superior training, continuing education, marketing materials, and unparalleled support that are standard with all Companion products.  Click here for more information on the CTL-9.

About Companion

Companion® Therapy Laser is a Delaware based therapeutic laser manufacturer of Companion®, and Pegasus® Class IV Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers.

Companion is a division of LiteCure and provides expertise in design, manufacturing, production, and support. Companion not only provides highly reliable products, but also the resources and tools to successfully incorporate laser technology and products into your practice.

LiteCure is ISO13485 certified and continues its commitment to science, education, and the highest level of customer service.