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Companion Animal Health Advisory Board Meeting

Companion Animal Health Advisory Board Meets To Discuss Current Trends, Future Steps

NEWARK, DE – March 1, 2016 – As part of Companion Animal Health’s ongoing commitment to leading the way in veterinary science and technology, the Advisory Board convened this February in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, for their annual meeting. Industry leaders in science, education, and veterinary medicine discussed the current and future state of the veterinary market and suggested steps to meet the growing demand for versatile and research-based technologies.

The board welcomed two new members, Drs. Sherman and Debra Canapp. Dr. Debra Canapp brings significant knowledge in sports medicine and rehabilitation therapy, specifically canine sports-related injury, sport rehabilitation, musculoskeletal ultrasound and performance. Dr. Sherman Canapp, a well respected, Board Certified Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon, offers extensive knowledge in the areas of regenerative medicine for the treatment of soft-tissue injuries and osteoarthritis, as well as treatments and modalities for sports-related injuries. The combined expertise of Drs. Sherman and Debra Canapp in the fields of rehabilitation and regenerative medicine is a welcome addition that brings invaluable insight into these expanding fields of study and practice.

This meeting was the first Companion Animal Health advisory board meeting to encompass both rehabilitative and regenerative medicine topics. As the number of potential applications in each field continues to grow, so too does the need for research. Meeting attendees sought to answer this need by analyzing current research in each discipline and identifying ways to best increase research awareness moving forward.

Companion Animal Health will continue to provide rehabilitative and regenerative solutions to the veterinary market based on the recommendations put forth during the meeting – ensuring they meet both the current and future needs of the market.


From left (at the advisory board dinner): Matt Long, Brian Pryor, John Mercurio, Heidi Ward, Ron Riegel, Felix Duerr, Nancy Godbold, John Godbold, Juanita Anders, Debra Canapp (behind), Sherman Canapp, Wendy Frydrych, Luis De Tabaoda, Lisa Miller.

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Companion Animal Health is the Delaware-based therapeutic laser manufacturer of Companion® and Pegasus® Class IV Veterinary Therapy Lasers.

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