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Live Webinar: Turning Better Outcomes into Greater Incomes

Turning Better Outcomes into Greater Incomes
Maximizing ROI with a Deep Tissue Therapy Laser

Are you getting the greatest benefit out of your deep tissue therapy laser? You may already be seeing improvements in patient outcomes, but have you been able to successfully translate that into better incomes for your practice?

In this webinar, Mark Callanen, PT, DPT, OCS, will discuss strategies for maximizing the ROI of deep tissue laser therapy and provide actionable steps that can be taken by any type of practice to increase the revenue from this service.

Key talking points will include:
- Why do cash programs fail?
- The importance of the initial contact with the patient
- The role of practitioner’s personal beliefs
- Keys to developing value propositions with your patients (“Time is Money”)
- How to respond to “does my insurance cover this?”
- A discussion of pricing strategies that can help improve cash transactions

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