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NEW LightForce® FXi

LightForce is proud to unveil the newly designed LightForce FXi.  This popular laser therapy system comes equipped with industry-leading influence® technology, a comprehensive 2-year warranty, long-life battery operation, and comprehensive training resources.

influence Technology

influence Technology is the newest innovation from the leaders in laser therapy.  Harnessing software and hardware advancements, LightForce brings this “next level” technology to new heights and delivers outcomes like never before.  The new i-series provides utility where and when you need it.

Cornerstones of influence Technology:

influence Technology allows you to take into account patient-specific considerations to deliver the most appropriate treatments.  Customize your treatments based on condition, skin type, body type, and acuity.

Consistentinfluence Technology enables you to deliver the same effective treatment every time.  Easily save and repeat treatments with confidence.

influence Technology comes equipped with patented contact-application technology that allows you to treat like no other therapy laser can.  Benefits of contact laser therapy treatments:

  • Compression, reach targeted tissue by removing superficial absorbers
  • Collimation, tighter beam minimizes energy loss
  • Reflection, significantly reduced in contact mode
  • Soft Tissue, manually work tissue while delivering energy
  • Refractive Index, minimize light loss due to similar index of skin and lens composition

User-Dynamic System

  • influence Technology
  • High Definition Touch Screen Interface
  • Built-In Training Resources
  • Functional Portability with Long-Life Battery Operation
  • Instant Replay Your Favorite Protocols
  • Flexible Architecture for Future Upgrades
  • Perfect Protocol™
  • Empower Delivery System
  • 0.5 – 15 Watts of Therapeutic Power


Laser Type: Class IV, Solid State
Laser Wavelength: 980/810 nm
Laser Power: 0.5W – 15W
Operating Modes: CW or Pulsed
Aiming Beam: 650 nm, 4.5 mW
Weight: 7 lbs.  |  3.2 kg



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