Companion Animal Health Announces the Addition of New Rehabilitation and Diagnostics Products to Their Product Portfolio

Companion Animal Health Announces the Addition of New Rehabilitation and Diagnostics Products to Their Product Portfolio

Newark, DE – April 3, 2014 – Companion Animal Health is proud to expand their product portfolio to include the Stance Analyzer and Underwater Treadmill.

The addition of the Stance Analyzer and Underwater Treadmill to Companion’s line of therapy laser products strengthens Companion’s role as a rehabilitation solutions company.  This change in product portfolio has also facilitated a name change, from Companion Therapy Laser to Companion Animal Health.  The name Companion Animal Health indicates the future growth and goals of the organization as a comprehensive animal health and wellness company who will continue to invest in new animal health products.

The Stance Analyzer is an adjunct tool designed to fit easily into every wellness program. The Stance Analyzer’s ability to weigh a patient and take four-quadrant weight-bearing measurements for diagnostic purposes in one easy step provides value for early injury detection and for objective measurements of progress.  The Stance Analyzer also has the ability to take center of gravity and stability measurements, which are easy to save in individual patient records for long-term progress monitoring.

Companion is also excited to add the Underwater Treadmill into its product portfolio.  The Underwater Treadmill is constructed of the highest quality glass and surgical-grade stainless steel.  The Underwater Treadmill can strengthen rehabilitation programs by providing a solution to facilitate weight loss, increase range of motion, and help with post-surgical and other rehabilitation scenarios.

With the addition of these rehabilitation products Companion hopes to be able to provide veterinarians with diagnostic early arthritis detection tools with the Stance Analyzer, and the resources to minimize the impact of these conditions with laser therapy and Underwater Treadmill rehabilitation resources.


About Companion Animal Health

CompanionAnimal Health is the Delaware-based therapeutic laser manufacturer of Companion® and Pegasus® Class IV Veterinary Therapy Lasers.

Companion is a division of LiteCure and provides expertise in design, manufacturing, production, and support. Companion not only provides highly reliable products, but also the resources and tools to successfully incorporate laser technology and products in veterinary practice.

LiteCure is ISO13485-certified and continues its commitment to science, education, and the highest level of customer service.

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