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Belpar Pet Care Centre, Idiosyncratic Drug Reaction, Yorkie-Poo

Author: Dr. Gainey, Belpar Pet Care Centre, Canton, OH

Signalment:  Canine, 10 yrs., F/S, Yorkie-Poo, “Haley”.

History:  On May 15, the patient presented for a “sore” in the armpit, alopecia, and limping of the left thoraacic limb per owner report.  Patient had received a subcutaneous injection of carprofen after Dental C/P with extractions on May 7.

Diagnosis and Exam Findings:  Sore over the left shoulder with erythema.  Bruised looking skin – excoriation from possible self-inflected trauma or devitalized skin.  Diagnosis of vasculitis – injectable drug (carprofen) idiosyncratic reaction.

Laser Treatment:  5J/cm2 delivered to target site, utilizing preset wound treatment protocol, delivered 493 total joules to the left shoulder area (100cm2).  A non-contact technique was used utilizing the large non-contact treatment head.

Frequency of Treatments:  Every other day with a recheck by the doctor (20 treatments in total).

Other Treatments Included:  Oral antibiotic, tramadol, & NSAID.  Hydrotherapy was used as well, once tissue started to scab before laser treatment was administered to remove loose scabs.

Comments:  “When Haley first came in for the problem at hand, the owner was very upset just having been in for a dental cleaning with extractions.  As well as us the staff.  We were all concerned it was caused from the carprofen injection we administered.  Starting the laser treatmnet the owner was skepetical and even with the first couple treatments the owner had reservations.  She was not seeing the benefit.  But the longer we progressed, the more we made her a believer.  When we were finished and she was healed the owner was amazed it seemed like a slow process because she was at our clinic constantly.  But in the end the healing with the laser was accelerated.  In total, the treatments lasted about 43 days.  Now with any vasculitis whether it be a bug bite, severe drug reaction, or injury the laser will be beneficial in the speed of the healing process.” – Dr. Gainey

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Dr. Gainey, Belpar Pet Care Centre, Canton, OH

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