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Fire victims benefited from laser therapy

Author: Jeff Smith, DVM, CCRP

On September 12, 2015, the Valley Fire burned 70,000 acres in Northern California within 24 hours.  The fire torched three communities, 1,400 homes and over 9,000 vehicles.  Many people ran for their lives, and many others were away from home, so a huge number of pets, horses and livestock were left to survive on their own.  In this article read about how Dr. Smith and his team treated the burn victims in the area and the role of laser therapy in treating these burns.

About the author(s)

Jeff Smith, DVM, CCRP

Dr. Smith grew up hoping he could be a veterinarian one day. He had a keen interest in animals and made a hobby out of using live traps to catch and release native animals for many years as a boy. Jeff longed to have a horse, but was only able to ride on special occasions like birthdays and scouting pack trips. Boy Scouts was another favorite of his, and allowed him to learn a good deal about animals through merit badges like Rabbit Raising and Animal Husbandry on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. During high school and college, the future Dr. Smith worked summers as a cowboy on ranches in Wyoming. While in school he worked as a tutor, farm hand on a dairy, and as kennel worker in a veterinary clinic. One thing that many people do not know about Dr. Smith is that he has practiced karate for over thirty years and is currently a third degree blackbelt with the Japanese Karate Federation–both of his sons are also blackbelts! Dr. Smith graduated from Cornell University in 1986. He completed an internship in Thousand Oaks, California in 1987, and stayed on for another year as an associate. Before opening MAH in 1991, he worked in a small animal clinic, in an equine practice, and in an emergency clinic. In 1990 Dr. Smith came to Middletown with the goal of building a veterinary hospital that the community could be proud of. Little by little he cleaned up the property, added staff and equipment, and built-up the reputation of the hospital. The mission of the hospital is simple: We Promise to Provide Compassionate, Expert, Well-Communicated, and Affordable Veterinary Care. Dr. Smith places a high value on continuing education and medical technology in order to offer the best care available. Community involvement has always been a high priority to Dr. Smith and his wife, and they participate in several organizations including: Rotary, the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts of America, Canine Companions for Independence, the California Veterinary Medical Association (Past President), the MendoLake Veterinary Medical Association, Middletown Boosters, and several others.  Dr. Smith has a special interest in Laser Therapy and Rehabilitation and after working hard for over a year has just received his Certification as a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner.

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