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Baring Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, Severe Demodicosis, American Staffordshire Terrier

Case Contest Runner Up Winner
Severe Demodicosis

Author(s): Baring Boulevard Veteinary Hospital, Reno, NV

Best Friends Forever Veterinary Care, Chronic Wounds & Stomatitis, Feline

Case Contest Winner
Stomatitis and wounds

Author(s): BFF Veterinary Care, Minneapolis, MN

Cedar Pet Clinic, Wound, Mixed Breed Canine

Attacked by large dog; presented 1 week later when wound already necrotic. History of diabetes

Author(s): Cedar Pet Clinic, Lake Elmo, MN

Spring Hill Vet, Wound, Lop Rabbit

Presented with large necrotic scab on lateral aspect left pinna with purulent discharge

Author(s): Spring Hill Vet, Carpentersville, IL

Creature Comforts Animal Clinic, Decubital Ulcer, Rough Collie

Found by a good Samaritan in a ditch; tetraparetic with large decubital ulcer on R Hip and R Shoulder

Author(s): Creature Comforts Animal Clinic, Dublin, OH

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