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Animal Medical Center, Wound, Maltese

Attacked by large dog; penrose drains placed at ER on Day 1

Author(s): Animal Medical Center, Lauderhill, FL

Stanglein Veterinary Clinic, Degloving Injury, Greyhound

Vehicular Trauma, De-gloving Injury

Author(s): Stanglein Veterinary Clinic, Northampton, PA

Marshall Animal Care Center, Wound, Dachshund

Attacked by large dog; presented to second veterinarian 6 days post-attack after large amount of skin sloughed

Author(s): Marshall Animal Care Center, Marshall, MI

Earning Elite-Level Status

In this article Richard Collinge, Head of Medical for the Watford Football Club, discusses how laser therapy is giving his athletes the edge to achieve the extra recovery and performance they need to remain competitive in the English Premier League (EPL).  Collinge discusses applications for laser therapy pre-performance and for post-injury recovery.
Published:  Collinge R.  Earning [...]

Published: Collinge R. Earning elite-level status: Watford Football Club's athletes get a leg up thanks to high-power laser therapy. ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine. August 2016.
Author(s): Richard Collinge, MSC

From Classroom to Athletic Training Room

In this article John Burns, MS, ATC, LAT outlines how Washburn University is using deep tissue laser therapy both in the classroom and in the athletic training room.  Read about how Washburn is maximizing outcomes with their student athletes, and giving students hands-on experience treating with the therapy laser.
Published:  Burns J. From classroom to athletic [...]

Published: Burns J. From classroom to athletic training: Washburn University students and athletes are big winners with contemporary modality. ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine. April 2016; 27(5): 8.
Author(s): John Burns, MS, ATC, LAT

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