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Advanced Rehabilitation Center (MSU), Acupuncture Points, Labrador

Patient presented with a history of progressive exercise intolerance, muscle weakness, and respiratory stridor.

Author(s): Genia Smith, LVT, CCRP, Advanced Rehabilitation Center, Michigan State University, Michigan, USA

Stafford Veterinary Hospital, Tail Amputation, Hound Mix

Severe soft tissue injury: patient had repeatedly self-mutilated his tail, exposing bone and cartilage

Author(s): Dr. Michael Pride, Satfford Veterinary Hospital, New Jersey, USA

Pet Dominion Veterinary Clinic, Soft Tissue Wound, DSH

The patient presented with a full-thickness wound that exposed skeletal muscle at the wound bed following a blood transfusion.

Author(s): Dr. Bassett, Pet Dominion Veterinary Clinic, Rockville, MD

Belpar Pet Care Centre, Idiosyncratic Drug Reaction, Yorkie-Poo

Patient presented for a “sore” in the armpit, alopecia, and limping of the left thoracic limb.

Author(s): Dr. Gainey, Belpar Pet Care Centre, Canton, OH

Oak Ridge Animal Clinic, Thermal Burn, Shih Tzu

Patient suffering from thermal burn finds relief with laser therapy.

Author(s): Dr. Shannon Moffat, DVM & Mrs. Nicole Brown, RVT, Oak Ridge Animal Clinic, Ontario, Canada

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