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Shining examples: Three case studies shed light on the widespread benefits of laser therapy

Author: Cary Burnley, DC

Dr. Burnely discusses three case studies that highlight the benefits of laser therapy, as well as general treatment considerations and adjunct uses for deep tissue laser therapy.  In this article he specifically highlights the use of laser therapy for a a soccer player’s high ankle sprain, a 68-year-old patient with severe shingles, and a patient with chronic postherpetic neuralgia.

Published:  Chiro Economics. July 13, 2015. 61(11): 17.

About the author(s)

Cary Burnley, DC

Dr. Cary Burnley has been a licensed Chiropractor practicing in Florence, AL at Garrett Chiropractic Clinic since 2005.

Dr. Cary Burnley is a native of Calhoun, GA and a graduate of Harding University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1996. After several years in the fields of business and education,  Dr. Burnley returned to school to begin a degree in Chiropractic. He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in Saint Louis, MO in 2005. Dr. Burnley and his wife, Anna, decided to move to Florence (Anna’s hometown) to pursue opportunities in both of their specialties. The couple’s first daughter Avery Ann was born shortly after moving to Florence in 2005 and their second daughter Ellie Ruth was born in July 2008. 

Dr. Burnley uses a “whole person approach” when taking care of his patients. By combining the very best hands-on-technique, state of the art physiotherapy procedures, and providing the newest and best natural vitamins and mineral supplements on the market today, Dr. Burnley is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health. 

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