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“Laser therapy has recently received acceptance in veterinary medicine due to the efforts of researchers to provide scientific evidence regarding its therapeutic effects. Some of the proven mechanisms of action include release of endogenous opioids; stimulation of angiogenesis; reduction of the formation of fibrosis; reduction of inflammation; blockage of the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS) release; neuronal regeneration and functional recovery; enhancement of wound closure; improvement of wound epithelialization, cellular content, granulation tissue formation, and collagen deposition; and bactericidal effects.
Due to the demand from the client population many veterinarians are exploring the option of integrating laser therapy into their current practice of medicine and surgery and are exploiting its beneficial effects. Because of the current trend of laser therapy, more scientific evidence related specifically to veterinary medicine will become available in the upcoming months to years.

We have a Companion Therapy Laser at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital Rehabilitation Service, and I have been extremely pleased with its results. Our case load is primarily orthopedic and neurologic so we are generally using it for pain management, nerve regeneration, bone and soft tissue healing, and wound management. However there are many other clinical indications for laser therapy including but not limited to otitis, dermatitis, gingivitis, and lick granulomas.

In addition to the equipment being state of the art, I have been very pleased working with Companion Therapy Laser representatives. They are constantly sending me up-to-date research and information about their products and are always available for consultation. Their customer service technicians are excellent at problem-shooting over the phone and have a fast turnaround time should you need a new piece of equipment mailed to you.

Overall I have been extremely satisfied with Companion Therapy Laser in regards to the positive therapeutic effects I am seeing in my patients. I am pleased we have this treatment modality to offer our patients and teach to our students!”

Carolina Medina DVM, CVA, CVCH, CCRT
Clinical Assistant Professor, Acupuncture and Rehabilitation
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine


Laser Therapy Benefits in Action


“I have to tell you how impressed I am with the Class IV therapy laser, writing not only as the office manager of this hospital, but as a pet owner. I should add that I’m a very demanding owner/client when it comes to my dear eighteen-year-old dog, Middy!

Both of my bosses , Doctors Joe and Peter Schmitt, are as pleased as I that the laser has not only paid for itself, but has generated a profit, from the first month of ownership. All of the veterinarians in the practice now utilize this therapy, and the clients have been more than receptive to the concept. The staff training (including my own) went smoothly, and the follow-up seminar in Gaithersburg was most helpful.

When it comes to my darling Middy, whom you met your first visit here , I want you to know how grateful I am for his continued improvement. Even with weekly acupuncture sessions, the laser therapy treatments have greatly increased his comfort level and mobility . I’ve become really skilled at treating Middy’s lumbar spine and elbows, and he is so soothed during the treatments that he sometimes takes a little nap . Relating my personal experience with him makes a big impression on clients!”

Reba M. Barley
Linden Heights Animal Hospital
Winchester, Virginia


“In February of this year, my family was blessed with seven little puppies. A month of healthy happy puppies had gone by smoothly before we began to notice that Dixie, one of the females, was acting unusually sluggish, enough for us to assume she was affected with worms. So we wormed all of them. The next day she started doing better, but two days later she was down again. At that point we tried antibiotics and worming medications for about three weeks.

Finally, in late April we took Dixie to the vet, Dr. Faith Drumheller. Dr. Drumheller ran some tests on Dixie only to discover that she did have parasites which further caused her sugar and protein levels to drop below normal. Unfortunately, giving Dixie the worming medications and antibiotics had made her already existing Parvovirus condition worse.

Dixie’s ailing state was still very sensitive on Thursday when I took my son Bobby to see his puppy. Dixie seemed a little better, but she could not walk, as her feet would turn backwards. She had no control of her hind quarters. Dr. Drumheller currently was treating a cat with the Companion Therapy Laser and suggested that just a few treatments may have the potential to improve Dixie’s health. The Companion Therapy Laser was our only viable option for Dixie. My family went to visit her the next day and we could not believe our eyes as we observe our unexpectedly well puppy playing and bouncing around on the floor with one of the technicians! I thought she would barely be able to walk this soon, let alone returning to the joyful Dixie my family had come to know and love. If I hadn’t seen it for myself there was no way I would have believed it. I really wish we had thought to take pictures or videos of her sick before and after, now back to normal. To see a puppy as ill as our Dixie, with a disease that would have killed her, this Laser treatment truly gave our puppy a second chance at life. I NEVER thought a laser could make such a BIG difference.

Any doctor who would make the choice put down an animal rather than try this Companion Therapy Laser treatment should definitely consider this wonderful option and approach their reasoning with the great faith I had in this product. If your family pet may have even the slightest opportunity to survive, take my word for it, this is well worth his or her companionship. ”

Jackie Boyett


“On October 3, 2007 I received an e-mail about a meeting pertaining to the Companion Animal Therapy Laser. I called to inquire if technicians were invited and fortunately they allowed me to attend with the doctor from our practice. We had no idea what the meeting would be about, because we had not heard about this laser therapy before. What we were shown immediately peaked our interest and we decided to set up a demonstration at our practice.

To start off, we used the Companion Animal Therapy Laser on a feline with Stomatitis, a generic canine with elbows, and a canine with a bite would to his back. All three showed positive results that were undeniable. We were hooked and our laser was ordered immediately.

Our first major breakthrough with the companion animal therapy laser came to us during the treatment of a feline with severe Stomatitis. The symptoms were so intense and untreatable that we didn’t even bother to take pictures because we were just sure that nothing would work. After five rounds of therapy the cat’s health improved immensely and the symptoms cleared. All of her drooling had subsided, she was finally able to open her mouth, and her appetite was astounding. Since then we have treated dozens of animals and we still cannot believe how the wonders of this therapy. We still start with the same apprehension that we felt with the very first treatments and end up with slack-jawed amazement. We have used our Laser and have had great results with back injuries, joint pain, bite wounds, sprains, etc. It has even changed the aftercare of our declaw patients. We no longer have to wrap their paws due to bleeding and pain. As an example of our Laser’s most recent accomplishments, we had a senior canine named Teddy with all four legs crippled and he was an intense amount of pain. After just three treatments with our Laser he was up and walking again! Another amazing result of this therapy came in from a routine canine spay patient named Sunshine. We used the Laser on her incision right after her surgery. After only 24 hours we found that she had actually chewed out all but two of her sutures, but thanks to the Laser, the incision was already closing!

We now recommend Companion Animal Laser Therapy to all our geriatric arthritic patients and require it as after-care on all of our routine surgeries. I take pride in the fact that our clinic now possesses the ability to enhance the lives of so many animals due to this miraculous therapy”

Tia Lomeli
Animal Care Center
Prattville, Alabama


“We have had exceptional success treating numerous tendon problems in the equine portion of our practice and adopted this modality as the primary therapy in the treatment of lick granulomas in the canine portion of the practice. All of the trauma cases have received beneficial reduction in both pain and swelling.”

Warner McFarland D.V.M.
Carbon County Veterinary Hospital
Rawlings, Wyoming


“On September 27, 2007 my 5 yr. old QH Gelding, ‘Mikie’ hurt both of his legs right above the hoof on the fetlock joint. I doctored this with stall rest and lots of soaking etc the ‘typical thing’ to do. After almost 3 (long) months it was not getting better and started to change for the worse. The back right leg is the one that I could not get to heal and then it started to harden into the joint and wrap around the front of the fetlock.

I took him to Todd Durig and Debi Owen to get evaluated and see if there was anything that could be done with the laser. They where honest and said that they had not seen something like that before but would try their best to make it better, if anything try to get the hardness to go away. Mikie then proceeded to have 6 treatments.I went back to pick him up a week and half later with hopes of something better.

The result was and still is AMAZING! Not only had to hardness went away the wound was closing up, the skin in the wound was a light pink color and it was soft! I just stood there telling them I could not believe what the laser did to help him. I will forever be a believer in this machine and what it does. I will never not treat a injury without the laser. I only wish that I would have got this done sooner. Six treatments later and I have a soft joint, wound closing and peace of mind that my horse is going to be ok….THANK YOU!”

Katie Toothman


“The Companion Laser is the best investment I have ever made. And Companion is the best company I have ever worked with.”
Gary E. Stevens, DVM
Care Hospital for Animals
Oshkosh, Wisconsin


And, entire letters like:

To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased a Companion Therapy laser for my hospital in Largo FL late in 2010. The decision was based on many factors including performance, reputation and overall technological superiority. But to me as a practitioner and business owner and consultant the decision was clearly one based on “service.” The laser isn’t one of the many paritous products that leave the hospital for the internet; its profits won’t be as easily diluted with “low cost” clinic mentality. The laser accentuates our practice’s high level of customer care and our advanced treatment protocols. With the recent “certification” and licensing of the laser by the State of Florida, I do not foresee any immediate competition diluting us further, especially with a Class IV machine.

The owner gets another choice at our hospital, they come in for the treatment, and they participate and see firsthand the immediate benefits of the laser treatment. The applications benefit not only arthritis but generalized wound healing, post-operative and orthopedic pain, the list goes on. With the owner assisting with restraint, they can be a part of the treatment. For many clients, especially those battling chronic disease conditions, being a part of the treatment is especially exciting when the patient is finally deriving a benefit. This client perceives and experiences the laser effect all in one. For many of my clients that is a powerful experience.

The Companion Company also does a great job of educating people about the technology. On any busy day when there is no time to educate someone about the technology; we tell them to “go to our website and follow the Companion Link.” This way the owners can watch a video of an actual laser procedure and become familiar with the technology and the process.

Companion Laser therapy is simply state of the art technology. I mention the process to people and are often surprised to find that “their vet” doesn’t offer the technology. There isn’t a day that goes by where the machine isn’t turned on and used. I highly recommend the technology to any of my colleagues, especially those outside the Tampa Bay area, as I really don’t want my neighboring practices adopting the technology and reaping the rewards we have here!


Dr. Michael R. Banull
Member: DMB Veterinary, L.L.C.