Practice Building

Laser Therapy is new and exciting technology that can help invigorate and differentiate your practice.  This state-of-the-art technology can be a strong revenue stream within your practice that remains unaffected by online pharmacies, discount warehouses and other third party retailers.

The key is to successfully integrate laser therapy into your practice.  The Laser Liaison program is designed to provide you with three levels of support that will provide you with a strong foundation in building a laser therapy business.

Educating Staff, enable your team to have a working knowledge of laser therapy, benefits, and how laser therapy can provide your patients with a new enhanced quality of care.

Educating Clients, using a variety of media, the purpose of the Laser Liaison program is to stimulate a dialog between staff and clients designed to encourage clients to try laser therapy as a relief solution for their pet.  The program teaches your staff how to talk about the therapy without feeling like a salesperson.

Accessible Business Consultant, our in-house Laser Liaison business consultant is available to provide you with personalized support, on-going educational opportunities, guidance, custom-tailored training and coaching.  The Laser Liaison customizes the dialog based on the specific needs of your practice and your clients using any of the program’s elements, including:

Outbound, pro-active practice management programs
On-going education and coaching
Webinars and conference calls
Implementation and integration techniques
Personal contact

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