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More Power – More Reasons to Look at Laser Therapy

Top 10 Countdown supporting the addition of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.

10. Get FAST Results: Reduction of pain and inflammation begins as soon as the laser light enters the body, so relief often begins with the first treatment. High power kicks off these processes more efficiently and effectively – a real winner for those suffering from chronic pain.

9. Treat Larger Areas: Expand your area of interest and don’t spend all day treating. With more power, treating large body areas can be easy without compromising dose.

8. Treat Multiple Areas: Managing referred pain can be a challenge. Not only treat larger areas, but also treat in multiple locations around the body. Go beyond that of low-level laser and treat multiple referring pain sites and get a better outcome!

7. Achieve Chronic Pain Relief: Bumping up the power density can get you results in the most challenging patient. Where other methods have failed, treat deep into tissue and make a difference with chronic pain.

6. Increase Compliance: Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is now faster than ever. Add a fast, effective treatment that will make a difference in outcomes. Set goals high and drive compliance with this unique technology.

5. Feel the Difference: Patients feel the difference immediately. They get more of the soothing warmth that they enjoy, and when they get off the table they feel great because they know it did something – they felt it.

4. Experience Versatility: It’s not all about treating everything with 25 Watts – so use the power when you need it, or turn it down for more acute or superficial conditions. You have the “power” to decide and the laser you need to optimize every treatment.

3. Deliver Higher Dosages: Some cases just require you to bring out the “big guns.”  Some patients are in really poor shape and are experiencing excruciating pain. With these cases, the trend has been to treat with higher doses. With higher-power lasers, you can deliver higher doses in a short period of time and still know that there are limited risks of overtreating.

2. Increase Practice Traffic: Referrals are typically a huge source for new patients. High-power laser allows you to maximize each visit and realize better outcomes. Patients are happy and impressed with their experience. They are far more inclined to recommend you.

1. Get the “Wow” Factor: Experience the “homerun” outcome more frequently. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has the power to make believers of everyone…patients and practitioners included. “Wow!”

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