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The days of skepticism over the results of laser therapy are behind us. Leading trainers and owners are now utilizing laser therapy and are looking beyond the realms of conventional medicine when seeking healthcare options for their horses. The reasons for this are varied -perhaps a long term illness or condition is not responding to conventional treatment or therapy, or perhaps the treatment worked, but the horse still isn’t quite “right”.

Laser therapy has been used for a number of years to improve the healing of wounds. It is now been scientifically proven to decrease recovery time from athletic injuries, calm the animal before events, increase athletic performance, stimulate acupuncture points and various other benefits.

Modern horse owners and trainers want to do everything possible to bring their horses back to the peak of health regardless of their discipline or endeavor. Whenever an athletic injury occurs, the faster the recovery time, the better it is for the horse. Laser therapy provides an efficient yet cost effective way to return the equine athlete to competition.

Pre-performance enhancement through laser therapy has been used in the human field throughout Europe for numerous years. The competition we see in the Equestrian events during the Olympics is a benchmark of where we need to be.

Laser therapy allows a quicker recovery post-workout through a relief of pain and inflammation than any other modality. This allows for a more efficient and higher level of training to the equine athlete.

Preventing athletic injuries is also possible with laser therapy. An equine athlete that is more flexible, in less pain and relaxed will compete at a higher level and not be as prone to injuries.

Superior treatment, faster recoveries from injuries, and performance enhancement are all possible through the use of the Pegasus Therapy Laser System.

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