Empower Delivery System

Empower Delivery System

pegasus empower ds 400 pxEmpower™ DS provides the versatility you need to treat your toughest cases. Four application-specific treatment heads, the patented laser-contact ball and the toughest fiber available make Pegasus therapy lasers clinically practical and ruggedly durable. A heavy duty, extended-length fiber allows you to safely and easily treat patients without moving the system. Pegasus’s superior Platinum warranty keeps your investment safe for 36 months. The comprehensive, “bumper-to-bumper” warranty includes a loaner provision and covers the entire system including the treatment heads, handpieces, and fiber.


Application-Specific Treatment Attachments: 4
Includes: Patented Laser-Contact Ball
Fiber: Premium, Double-sheathed, and Rubber Coated
Handpiece: Finger Switch

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