Practice Enhancement

Increase practice revenue

>>  The Pegasus Therapy Laser® can work alongside other treatment modalities to maximize effectiveness
>>  Treatments can be safely and easily applied by veterinary technicians, trainers, or staff to free up the valuable time of veterinarians
>>  Treatment plans are typically sold in groups of 5 or 6 so you can ensure compliance and encourage repeat clinic visits
>>  Once you recoup your investment, there are no further financial obligations—it’s a one-time cost with long-term returns

Retain existing clients

>>  Offer a new drug-free option to treat patients that are non-compliant with treatment regimens or unable to tolerate drugs
>>  Provide a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative for horse owners who can’t justify the expense of surgery
>>  Reduce recovery time post-surgery or use as an adjunct for drug therapies when the maximum dose just isn’t enough

Attract new clients

>>  Set your practice apart by promoting this revolutionary laser treatment approach
>>  Generate word-of-mouth publicity as clients can’t wait to tell other horse owners how well laser treatment works

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