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Interested in learning more about Regenerative Medicine and its use in veterinary science? Below are several peer-reviewed, scientific publications that explore the use of PRP and Stem Cell therapy in numerous indications and species.  To view webinars about regenerative medicine please visit the webinar archive.

Published Scientific Literature on PRP Therapy

Tendon Injuries

  • Ahmad Z, et al. Exploring the application of stem cells in tendon repair and regeneration. (2012) Arthroscopy. 28(7):1018-29.
  • Chen L, et al. Synergy of tendon stem cells and platelet-rich plasma in tendon healing. (2012) Journal of Orthopedic Research. 30(6): 991-7.
  • De Almeida AM, et al. Patellar tendon healing with platelet-rich plasma: a prospective randomized controlled trial. (2012) American Journal Sports Medicine. 40(6):1282-8.
  • Finnoff et al. Treatment of chronic tendinopathy with ultrasound-guided needle tenotomy and platelet-rich plasma injection. (2011) PM&R. 3(10):900-11.
  • Mont RR, et al. Platelet rich plasma treatment for chronic Achilles tendinosis. (2012) Foot Ankle International. 33(5):379-85.
  • Nixon AJ. Cell and gene-based approaches to tendon regeneration. (2012) Journal of Shoulder Elbow Surgery. 21(2):278-94.


  • Ahadi T., et al. Platelet-rich plasma versus hyaluronic acid. (2012) Arthroscopy. 28(11):1585-6
  • Anitua E., et al. A biological therapy to osteoarthritis treatment using platelet-rich plasma. (2013) Expert Opinion Biologic Therapy. 13(8):1161-72.
  •  Pourcho AM, et al. Intra articular platelet-rich plasma injections in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: review and recommendations. (2014) American Journal Physiology, Medicine and Rehabilitation. 93(11 Suppl 3):S108-21.
  • Zhu Y, et al. Basic science and clinical application of platelet-rich plasma for cartilage defects and osteoarthritis: a review. (2013) J. Osteoarthritic Cartilage. 21(11):1627-37

Rotator Cuff Injuries

  • Isaac C, et al. Biologic approaches to enhance rotator cuff healing after injury. (2012) Journal of Shoulder Elbow Surgery. 21(2):181-90.

Bone Growth/ Reconstruction

  • Loquercio G, et al. Autologous platelet gel improves bone reconstruction of large defects in patients with bone giant cell tumors. (2015) In Vivo. 29(5): 533-540.
  • Eskan MA, et al. Platelet-rich plasma-assisted guided bone regeneration for ridge augmentation: a randomized, controlled clinical trial. (2014) Journal of Periodontology. 85(5): 661-8.

Published Scientific Literature for Regenerative Medicine in Animals

Soft Tissue

  • Kamoto N, et al. Treating Achilles tendon rupture in rats with bone-marrow transplantation therapy. (2010) Journal Bone Joint Surgery. 92(17): 2776-84
  • Torricetie P, et al. Regenerative medicine for the treatment of musculoskeletal overuse injuries in competition horses. (2011) International Orthopaedics. 35(100): 1569-76.
  • Xie X, et al. The effect of platelet-rich plasma on patterns of gene expression in a dog model of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. (2013) Journal 0f Surgical Research. 190(1):80-8.

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Defects

  • Franklin SP, et al. Prospective trial of autologous conditioned plasma versus hyaluronan plus corticosteroid for elbow osteoarthritis in dogs. (2013)  Canadian Vet Journal. 54(9): 881-4.
  • Guercio A, et al. Production of canine mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue and application in dogs with chronic osteoarthritis of the humeroredal joints. (2012) Cell Bio International. 36(2):189-94
  • Johnson K, et al. A stem cell based approach to cartilage repair. (2012) Science. 336(6082):717-21.
  • Mokbel A., et al. Homing and efficacy of intra-articular injection of autologous mesenchymal stem cells in experimental chondral defects in dogs. (2011) Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology. 29(2): 275-84.

Neurological Disease

  • Bong Wook Park, et al. Peripheral nerve regeneration using autologous porcine skin-derived mesenchymal stem cells. (2012) Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. 6(2):113-24
  • Dong-In Jung, et al. A comparison of autologous and allogenic bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in canine spinal cord injury. (2009). Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 285(1):67-77.
  • Hak Hyun Ryu, et al. Functional recovery and neural differentiation after transplantation of allogenic adipose-derived stem cells in a canine model of acute spinal cord injury. (2009) Journal of Veterinary Science. 10(4):273-84.
  • Ren Z, et al. Role of stem cells in the regeneration and repair of peripheral nerves. (2012) Reviews in the Neurosciences. 23(2):135-43.

Bone Growth/ Regeneration

  • Cho AR, et al. The incorporation of platelet-rich plasma into calcium phosphate cement enhances bone regeneration in osteoporosis. (2014) Pain Physician. 17(6): E737-45

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