Your Regenerative Medicine Partner

Companion Animal Health is dedicated to being your partner in regenerative medicine.

Our goal is to provide you and your practice with the knowledge and resources so that you are successful in your new area of treatment. Companion is proud to provide industry-leading training and educational programs, including the Companion Regenerative Therapies (CRT) Tiered Training Program which allows for appropriate educational tracks for every experience level. As part of the CRT Tiered Training Program, Companion provides numerous learning opportunities for you and your staff with ongoing webinars, regional training sessions, and 1-day Companion Regenerative University workshops.

Companion is committed to supporting the clinical and implementation success of Companion Regenerative Therapy (CRT) into your practice.  The clinical support resources on staff and the comprehensive Companion CORE implementation program ensure you get off to a successful start with CRT.

For more information about Companion Regenerative Therapy, please contact Companion and we will provide you with additional information about our industry-leading education and canine-validated technology.

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