CRT Tiered Training

As part of Companion’s commitment to being your partner in regenerative medicine, Companion is proud to offer the Companion Regenerative Therapies (CRT) Tiered Training Program.

We understand every clinic is different, which is why we offer a flexible training system that can be customized to suit your clinic’s needs.

Tiers of Training

  • Companion Regenerative University
    This one-day, comprehensive course led by board- certified veterinarians provides an overview of regenerative medicine and its applications within the veterinary practice. During the full- day course, attendees gain knowledge in the biology of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell therapies, indications for use, sample processing, and methods of administration. Attendees also participate in a hands-on lab where they become proficient performing both PRP and Stem Cell isolations with the CRT system and intra-articular injections.  See the full schedule of available dates to attend a Companion Regenerative University.
  • Video Training Modules
    Do you already know how to perform intra-articular injections or already practice Regenerative Medicine in your clinic? Our 8- part video training system goes over everything that is offered during our one-day course in the convenient format of on-demand video learning modules. These videos cover the biology of PRP and Stem Cells, their applications in the veterinary clinic, steps for processing using the CRT system, an overview of landmarks for intra-articular injections and troubleshooting.
  • Companion-Sponsored Lectures/ Wet Labs
    Throughout the year, Companion will sponsor several lectures and wet labs at regional and national veterinary conferences specific to regenerative medicine. These educational events will provide the attendee with the knowledge and hands-on experience (if a wet lab) necessary to begin practicing regenerative medicine in your practice. Visit our event calendar for a schedule of Companion Regenerative Therapies sponsored events.
  • Video Conference Training
    Need personalized training for using the Companion Regenerative Therapy System? Companion offers Skype training that will provide step-by-step, guided training to using the CRT system with one of our team members. Your team will gain experience in using the CRT system, operating the centrifuge, processing samples, and troubleshooting.
  • Live and On-Demand Webinars
    Taught by Companion Regenerative Therapy’s team members, these educational presentations give an overview of a variety of topics concerning regenerative medicine. Topics to include: introduction to Platelet Rich Plasma, Overview of the Companion Regenerative Therapies System, BMAC Stem Cell Therapy, and more. Watch live and ask the presenter questions or watch the recorded webinars in our free on-demand archive.

For more information about Companion Regenerative Therapy, please contact Companion and we will provide you with additional information about our industry-leading education and canine-validated technology.

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