As physical rehabilitation is becoming the standard of care, adding it to your practice is necessary to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.  What is very appealing about this aspect of veterinary medicine is that it is relatively easy to implement.    Rehabilitation modalities provide an array of options to offer the pet owner for getting a pet well again.  Understanding what these options are will allow you to expand your services and create new revenue streams for your clinic while offering a better quality of life for your patients.


One of the best ways to prepare for the world of animal rehabilitation is to attend lectures or seminars on the subject, or by obtaining your certification as a rehab practitioner.  This will provide you with the knowledge base necessary to assess your cases and plan a course of therapy for the patient.

After you have acquired your rehab education, you need the proper tools for carrying out your rehab program.  Consider the types of modalities and exercise programs you want to incorporate so you can select the equipment that works best for you and your patients.

Now you are ready to broadcast your services to your clients and the community.  Consider submitting a press release to the local media, setting up Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to establish a fan base and advertise your new skills to your current clients during office visits.

As clients start to come through the door, put your knowledge and tools to good use. When you begin to see success stories, capture those testimonials and tell those stories through your different social media and marketing avenues.  This will prove to your pet owners that physical rehabilitation is a viable option for their pet and will keep them coming back for more.

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