What is Rehab?

Just as people receive physical therapy after an injury, physical rehabilitation has become an option for your pet as well.  After surgery for problems such as torn ligaments, broken bones or ruptured disks in the spine, a veterinarian may deem appropriate that a pet can be placed on a specific therapeutic program to help him or her recover from surgery faster.  Rehabilitation modalities including walking in the water of an underwater treadmill, receiving light therapy from a therapeutic laser or icing with a compression wrap help to decrease pain and increase a pet’s range of motion when walking.  These types of rehabilitative therapies, along with others, aid in the success of the surgery and your pet’s overall well-being.

A Surgical Alternative

It is also a great option to consider rehabilitation for issues that do not necessarily warrant surgery.  Pets that suffer from chronic arthritis, nerve injury or sprains and strains can be excellent candidates for receiving rehab.  The exercise will help keep your pet from losing muscle mass while working on balance to maintain proper posture during all sorts of activities.

Whether it is an acute injury or a chronic ailment, finding a veterinary rehabilitation practitioner gives you another alternative to consider when exploring options for your pet.  Our pets are living longer, so allowing your pet to participate in this aspect of veterinary medicine ensures a better quality of life for many years to come!