Cold Compression Wrap

The Companion Cold Compression device combines the effects of cryotherapy and intermittent compression in one simplified system.  Frozen gel packs insert into adjustable wraps that are connected to a rechargeable pneumatic pump for icing muscles and joints while pumping oxygenated blood into the area and edema out.  Help your patients alleviate swelling and inflammation, while enhancing healing with this unique therapeutic device.


  • Rechargeable pump with battery lasting 4 to 6 hours
  • Weighs less than one pound
  • Re-freezable gel packs that can be wiped off
  • Adjustable nylon wraps for minimal hair collection
  • Two stifle wrap sizes available
  • Multiple pressure options with pre-set timer
  • Three ports on pump for icing multiple areas or patients at the same time
  • Distal to proximal intermittent compression
  • Can heat gel inserts in microwave for heat therapy


  • Improves circulation to reduce swelling, soreness and fatigue associated with soft tissue and joint injuries or post-surgery
  • Distributing oxygenated blood locally aides in healing
  • More efficient by eliminating messy ice packs and bandaging wraps
  • Easy, economical way to administer cryotherapy and intermittent compression simultaneously
  • Treat multiple patients or areas with one, portable pump
  • Accelerates removal of lactic acid post-workout

Watch this short video to see what is included in the Cold Compression Kit and how easy the system is to use.