Stance Analyzer

Utilizing the Companion Stance Analyzer in your practice will take your lameness evaluations to the next level.  By providing objective measurements, you will be able to see how a patient is shifting his or her weight in order to determine which limb, or limbs, are affected.  This data allows you to better communicate to the pet owner what the next step is going to be for the pet.


  • Averages percentage of weight bearing on each limb
  • History graph maintains patient data for each session
  • Stability and Center of Gravity provide a visual picture of how the patient is transferring weight
  • Remote control used for hands-free data collection
  • Virtually waterproof for ease of cleaning and disinfection
  • Replaceable cover
  • Take notes, print and save data to PDF for client to review
  • Integrated scale measures patient weight in pounds or kilograms


  • Helps provide a cost-effective, objective diagnosis
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Assesses subtle lameness
  • Quick, non-invasive evaluation of lameness
  • Easy to interpret data
  • Improves client communication for lameness issues and action plans
  • Monitors improvement and tracks patient progress over time