Underwater Treadmill

The Companion Oasis Underwater Treadmill takes advantage of the physical properties of water so your patients can receive hydrotherapy in a controlled, comfortable environment.  Whether your patients are recovering from surgery, need to shed a few pounds or enhance their fitness level, the underwater treadmill allows you to tailor your course of therapy to a pet’s specific needs.


  • Four Models Available
    Creates great versatility for exercising breeds of all shapes and sizes
  • Easy to Clean
    Belt is easily lifted so maintenance can be easily performed by one person
  • Comprehensive Suite of Options
    Jets, automatic incline, dual doors, mini treadmill, and extended warranty are all available
  • Speeds From 0.25 mph up to 9 mph
    Variable speeds for a broad range of rehabilitation and conditioning applications
  • 360 Degree Views for Therapist and Patient
    Produces a comfortable environment for the patient to exercise while allowing the therapist to easily observe the session
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
    Display allows for user-friendly operation
  • Made in the USA
    Ideal for providing customer service around the clock


Patient Benefits

  • Improve range of motion and mobility
  • Minimize weight on arthritic joints or during post-op recovery
  • Enhance cardiovascular function and performance
  • Accelerate return to function after injury
  • Provide stability and confidence while exercising
  • Intensify conditioning or boost weight loss

Practice Benefits

  • Offer a unique service from your competitors
  • Provide additional options for pain management and non-surgical issues
  • Create fitness and weight-loss programs for your patients
  • Diagnose musculoskeletal and neurologic issues while observing gait