Underwater Treadmill

What is Hydrotherapy?
Hydrotherapy uses the properties of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being.

properties of water for rehabilitationwater height vs weight on joints

Stance Analyzer

Lameness Evaluation

Taking a look at how a patient is bearing weight on his or her limbs while standing is important information to obtain when trying to determine where a lameness exists and what additional diagnostics or therapeutics may be warranted.

Tracking Progress

Being able to look at a patient’s stance history after exam re-checks, prescribed treatments or rehab sessions will help guide you in the proper direction for how the patient is progressing.

Client Communication

You will be able to more effectively communicate with pet owners by being able to visually show them where the lameness exists and why you are recommending a particular course of action.

Cold Compression Therapy

What is Cryotherapy with Intermittent Compression?

Cryotherapy is using cold in a therapeutic manner with the benefits of reducing inflammation and pain.  Combined simultaneously with intermittent compression adds an element of decreasing swelling with increasing blood flow for better healing.

Why Cold?

why cold

Why Intermittent Compression?

Why compression

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