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The LiteCure Difference

LiteCure Medical’s customer care team ensures that you are never without your most effective treatment modality. Our industry leading customer support programs include:

Clinical Support
A qualified clinical resource is just a phone call away with the LiteCure
clinical support line.

Technical Support
When you need to speak to a LiteCure representative our support team is available to answer questions and provide you with fast, effective solutions.

Loaner Program
If your laser requires service we will immediately provide a loaner unit so that your practice never experiences a lapse in service.

With the industry’s most comprehensive platinum warranty LiteCure provides support long after the purchase of your product.

LiteCure is the most active provider of clinical research and ongoing clinical studies in the field of laser therapy. Products and treatment programs are designed based on over 20 years of scientific studies, providing you with the most effective treatment modality available.

LiteCure provides class IV laser technology to offer solutions to your patients’ pain management needs. High wattage class IV lasers enable rapid delivery of therapeutic doses of light deep in the tissue. This facilitates the treatment of larger areas and achievement of consistent results. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy by LiteCure Medical provides the right formula to get it right produce positive results every time.

Influence™ software takes into account your patients clinical condition, injury site, height, body type and skin type to generate custom treatment protocols for each patient designed to delivery optimal penetration depth and dosing. LiteCure knows all of your patients have unique needs – and we have developed the software technology to meet those needs.

 To request more information or schedule a demonstration, please contact us and we will promptly provide you with assistance.