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Case Contest Runner Up: Baring Blvd Veterinary Hospital

Patient Information

Patient Name: Bosley
Patient Age & Gender: 2yrs old MN
Species and Breed:  Canine/ American Staffordshire Terrier
Patient’s Symptoms:  Severe diffuse ulcerative and erosive skin lesions; very pruritic and painful on presentation.

Medical History
Patient was brought in by Animal Control for evaluation of severe ulcerative skin disease. He had been treated with a single dose of Ivermectin, put on Prednisone 20mg SID and Cephalexin 750mg BID  discontinued Prednisone, started Ivermectin (to be given 30 days past negative skin scraping), bathe EOD with Pyoben (follicular flushing) shampoo, and continued Cephalexin PO BID.

Initial Assessments
Cytology performed on 1/21 at presentation showed high numbers of polymorphonuclear leukocytes, eosinophils, and cocci bacteria. A skin scrape showed high numbers of Demodex mites. Suspected worsening of Demodex due to immunosuppression by Prednisone prior to presentation.

Treatment Information

Laser Make & Model:  Class IV Companion Therapy laser (Model CTS 15)
Frequency of Treatment:  Laser therapies EOD starting on 1/29 through 2/4/13, then roughly weekly thereafter.
Protocols Used:  Light skin and light coat. Treated roughly 85% of integument with ~3J/cm2 (total of 15 treatment areas to cover affected area). Each treatment session delivers 1080J for area about 6” x 10” (thus ~3J/cm2).
Mode:  CW
Power:  6W
Treatment Time:  3:00 minutes x 15 treatments
Total Energy Delivered:  1080 J x 15
Areas Treated:  Approximately 85% of entire integumentary system (majority of skin is affected/primarily trunk/dorsum/head)
Approximate Size of Area Treated:  Approximately 3200 cm2
Other Treatment Details:  Small non-contact head held ~2-3cm from skin surface.
Any Other Treatments Used:  Concurrently treating with Ivermectin, Cephalexin, and topical therapy with follicular flushing shampoo (Pyoben).
Assessment Used:  Subjective visual assessment of skin characteristics throughout therapy period; skin erythema/inflammation, rate of wound healing/resolution, and patient comfort.


Patient’s skin lesions/disease showed rapid reduction in erythema, crusting, and pruritis leading to marked improvement in patient’s comfort level while managing/treating generalized demodicosis/pyoderma. Overall healing progression was dramatically accelerated by laser therapies and most importantly comfort was markedly improved throughout laser therapy period. Laser therapies were discontinued on 3/1/13 due to near complete resolution of all skin lesions. Last skin scrape recheck was on 8/10/13 and continues to be negative for mites. Patient is in great spirits and more energetic than ever before.