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The most prevalent method of indicating laser therapy dosage is to measure the density of energy applied to the tissue surface. This is typically expressed in J/cm2. Some variation in clinical effects can be observed; particularly at very high (>50W) or very low (<1 W) power settings using the same J/cm2 dose.

For this reason, the measurement technique works well for typical treatment protocols, but is not absolutely ideal. Companion Therapy provides a treatment guide with each device with recommended dosing for different clinical conditions. The calculators below can be used as a guide to assist in conversions. Contact us to schedule an in-office demonstration and feel the difference for yourself.

Joules Required

Area (cm2
x Dose (J/cm2
= Joules


Total Dosage

Power (W) 
x Time (sec) 
/ Area (cm2


Required Duration of Treatment

Dose (J/cm2
x Area (cm2
/ Power (W) 
= Time (sec)