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Innovative Technology Puts Ian Poulter Back in Competition

When a painful arthritic foot kept Ian Poulter out of competition earlier this year, he and his physician, Dr. Ara Suppiah, were anxious to find a solution. Initially trying several traditional treatments, from steroid injections to ice, they struggled to find the sustained relief needed to allow Ian to return to play.

Eager to get Ian back to competition, Dr. Suppiah decided to try a new technology called Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. Known for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation, this technology is used by many professional athletes and teams to reduce recovery times following injury.

After only a few short treatments, the results were noticeable: “Once I had the pain in that area, and we treated it for several minutes, the percentage pain went down. We treated it again, the pain level went down again. I spread out the treatments then for several days…and it gradually took the pain away,” said Poulter of his laser therapy treatments on “Morning Drive.”

Ian has since returned to competition and continues to receive laser therapy treatments as needed. Unlike with steroid injections, laser therapy treatments have no side-effects and may be used as often as needed for pain management purposes, making it a good option for many dealing with arthritis.

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