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About LiteCure

Located in New Castle, Delaware, LiteCure designs and manufactures medical devices for medical and veterinary healthcare professionals.  LiteCure’s technology has been driven by sound scientific understanding – combining physics, laser science, and engineering to provide advanced laser technology and innovative solutions to the health care industry.  This sound basis in science has enabled LiteCure to develop patented technology that provides healthcare professionals with the most advanced therapeutic technology.

Brian A. Pryor, PhD, a physical chemist with extensive laser expertise and experience studying laser-tissue interactions, founded LiteCure in 2006.  Dr. Pryor continues to lead LiteCure and expand therapeutic applications of light-based therapies through industry-leading scientific studies.

LiteCure is the parent company of the medical division, LightForce Therapy Lasers, and veterinary division, Companion Animal Health.  LiteCure Medical launched its line of LightForce Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers in 2011; LightForce has quickly become the brand preferred by professional athletic programs around the world.

LiteCure’s veterinary division was founded on the superior line of Companion Therapy Lasers.  In 2014, the Companion Animal Health brand was launched along with an expanded line of rehabilitation and regenerative medicine products.

IMG_0730.JPGLiteCure is committed to providing the highest performance and quality products to health care professionals. Constant product innovation and industry leading customer service allow LiteCure to provide the most comprehensive therapy and implementation solutions.

LiteCure is a registered manufacturer providing FDA cleared products for a variety of medical and veterinary applications. Each product has been designed and manufactured under stringent quality control systems that are certified to meet ISO-13485 standards for medical devices.