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The LiteCure Difference

Clinical Research

LiteCure is leading the way in the laser therapy industry through their commitment to clinical research.  Founded by a laser physicist, LiteCure actively collaborates with teaching institutions, clinicians, and scientists around the world to validate current applications for photobiomodulation and to discover new uses.  LiteCure’s team of scientists, veterinarians, and industry-experts constantly explores expanded applications for light-based therapies based in evidence.


Investment in research and development is one of the cornerstones of LiteCure’s mission to provide innovative solutions to medical and veterinary professionals.  LiteCure’s industry-leading patented technologies is a testament to that effort.  LiteCure’s goal for continuous improvement is founded in their constant exploration of new real-world applications for light-based therapy.


Companion University_MN 2016 1LiteCure is the leader in education providing monthly webinars related to laser technology, live seminars, lectures at major conferences, continuing education opportunities, and clinical resources.  LiteCure’s evidence-based approach to creating new technology goes hand in hand with our commitment to education.

More Than Just A Laser

When you purchase a LiteCure Laser you purchase more than just a laser – you become a member of the LiteCure Family.  Benefits include:

  • Service:  Our commitment to service is unmatched by any other therapy laser manufacturer.  LiteCure services all of it’s products in Newark, Delaware and offers superior service that includes a loaner program, a full-service customer care team, outstanding warranty coverage, and clinical support.
  • Manufacturer:  All LiteCure Lasers are manufactured in the United States, partner with a company who can support your investment long-term.
  • Solutions:  LiteCure Therapy Lasers include implementation solutions to help quickly jump-start your laser therapy program.
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