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Leading The Way

Veterinary-Advisory-Board_Jan-2016LiteCure is leading the way in clinical research and laser therapy innovations.  Through research collaborations, R&D, and collaboration with key medical professionals in the fields of academia and industry LiteCure is committed to finding new applications for light-based therapies.

LiteCure partners with many leading teaching institutions to design quality studies to improve our understanding of photobiomodulation.  For example, LiteCure’s collaboration with Juanita Anders, PhD has yielded high impact studies like in vitro and in vivo optimization of infrared laser treatment for injured peripheral nerves.  From this study we have been able to hone in on the most appropriate doses to give at the surface of tissue to reach target tissues beneath the skin.

In addition to leading the way in research LiteCure also has a medical advisory board and veterinary advisory board that meet yearly to discuss industry trends, clinical needs, and the state of medicine.  The results of these meetings help identify areas that need more research and help to design appropriate studies.

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