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Photobiomodulation Therapy: Healing at the Speed of Light

Author: Renaud Houyoux, LVT

This peer-reviewed article covers many key topics related to photobiomodulation therapy, from the scientific background to practical application recommendations.

Published: Today’s Veterinary Nurse. Summer 2018. Vol 1, No 3, Pgs 18-22

About the author(s)

Renaud Houyoux, LVT

Renaud “Ren” Houyoux studied at the Bel-Rea Institute in Denver, Colorado. Since then, he has practiced in multiple states at both general-practice and specialty-level facilities. His areas of interest include photobiomodulation therapy, regenerative medicine (platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy), and rehabilitation therapy. He teaches, writes, and speaks on these topics as the veterinary support specialist for Companion Animal Health, the veterinary division of LiteCure LLC.

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