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The Science of Photobiomodulation Therapy: An In-Depth Analysis

Presenter: Luis De Taboada, MSEE

Learn from an industry leader how light is transported through tissue, the cellular reactions that happen during therapy, and how to get light to target tissues whether they are superficial or deep. Visual models are provided to help teach these complex biological interactions. By learning how light interacts with tissue, you will understand the therapeutic effects resulting from photobiomodulation and why deep tissue laser therapy is quickly growing in popularity as a “go-to” modality in so many different clinical settings.

In this webinar learn about:

  • What is the correct terminology?
  • What are the mechanisms of action in Photobiomodulation?
  • How does light penetrate into tissue?  What impact does this have on treating superficial vs. deep target tissue?
  • What happens to the light in our bodies?
  • How can light have a therapeutic effect?
About the presenter

Luis De Taboada, MSEE

Luis De Taboada is Vice President of Research and Development at LiteCure, LLC. He was previously Vice President of Research and Development at PhotoThera Inc., Director of Engineering at Laser Mechanisms, Engineering Manager at Medical Optics, a division of Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics where he led the development of novel Carbon Dioxide lasers, laser systems, fiber beam delivery systems, and research in head mounted displays for minimally invasive surgery.

With over twenty years as a manager and active contributor to the design, fabrication, and testing of devices and systems for industrial, scientific, medical, and dental applications, Mr. De Taboada has extensive design and management experience on multi-disciplinary product development projects and system’s engineering encompassing diffractive and refractive optics, optical fibers, electro-optics, laser, RF, energy conversion, and software technologies; including designing test methods for system acceptance and compliance with FDA and EN requirements, and active management of large DoD contracts and grants.  Mr. De Taboada holds a MS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, San Diego.

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