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Photobiomodulation: Laser Therapy for the Nervous System

The use of “low level” light applications, termed photobiomodulation (PBM), as a noninvasive, neuro-restorative therapy has potential to revolutionize repair of the injured nervous system. Experiments on the use of PBM to repair injured spinal cords and peripheral nerves will be discussed, along with the scientific basis for this improvement.
Light applied transcutaneously penetrates to the [...]

Published: February 19, 2015, Photonics Media,
Author(s): Dr. Juanita J. Anders

Treating Tendon Injury with a Laser

In this webinar Dr. Steve Tumilty from the University of Otago discusses treating tendon injuries with a therapy laser. New research has convinced him that less exercise combined with laser therapy treatment offers an exciting and effective alternative to traditional rehabilitation.

Published: From Our Changing World, 9:20 pm on 23 April 2015
Author(s): Dr. Steve Tumilty

Class IV Laser Therapy Interventional and case reports confirm positive therapeutic outcomes in multiple clinical indications

Abstract: Tissue that is damaged and poorly oxygenated as a result of swelling, trauma or inflammation has been shown to have a positive response to laser therapy irradiation. Deep penetrating photons activate a biochemical cascade of events leading to rapid cellular regeneration, normalization and healing.

Author(s): Brian Pryor, PhD

Chambersburg Animal Hospital, Osteoarthritis, Labrador Retriever

Chronic history of R forelimb lameness and difficulty “getting up and down” but owner presented dog for acute L forelimb lameness

Author(s): Chambersburg Animal Hospital, Chambersburg, PA

North Country Vet Clinic, Paresis, Quarter Horse

Found down in pasture, unable to get up on 9/15, unknown duration or cause of paresis, owners were able to get horse up, but was still paretic and had several pressure sores from being down.

Author(s): North Country Vet Clinic, Eagar, AZ

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