For Clinicians

Why Laser Therapy

Laboratory studies and real-world use over several decades have proved that laser therapy alleviates pain and inflammation, reduces swelling, stimulates nerve regeneration as well as the cells involved in tissue repair.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process through photo-bio-modulation.  Laser therapy provides tangible benefits to your patients, your clients, and your practice.  Laser therapy is effective in treating chronic conditions, acute conditions, and post- surgical pain and inflammation

Clinical Benefits

>>  Non-pharmacologic pain relief
>>  Effective for difficult conditions
>>  Alternative to surgery
>>  Fast treatment times
>>  Easy, comfortable, non-invasive treatment
>>  Scientifically-proven

Practice Benefits

>>  Intelligent dosage delivery with SmartCoat+™ software to provide your patients with the right dose every time
>>  Comprehensive training and CE courses ensure that you and your staff administer the most effective treatments possible
>>  LiteCure is the brand of laser preferred by professional athletic trainers in the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, FIFA and the Olympics
>>  Provides a treatment modality that will help you attract more referrals
>>  Provides an alternative or supplement to prescription drugs and surgery
>>  Increase revenue with this versatile modality

 Improved patient outcomes

>>  Deep, soothing laser therapy provides a drug-free option for enhanced patient care.
>>  Effective relief of pain, inflammation, and swelling
>>  Extremely well tolerated
>>  No known side effects
>>  May decrease the need for surgery and medications
>>  Reduces healing time
>>  Requires no sedation
>>  Quick to administer
>>  Allows owners to be present and feel that they are participating in the healing process

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