Companion Animal Health Announces Launch of CORE Program

NEWARK, DE, April. 26, 2016 — Companion Animal Health is pleased to announce their new Companion CORE program, developed exclusively for veterinarians and their clients. The CORE program (formerly Laser Liaison) is a comprehensive practice-building and therapy product education program that can be applied to laser, rehabilitation and regenerative medicine products. CORE is designed to provide three levels of support to veterinary practices with these modalities to create a strong business foundation:

  • Educating Staff – The materials included in CORE provide technical education related to the products. This gives the team a working knowledge with talking points on the therapies, the technology features and benefits, and how a practice can offer a new level of care.
  • Educating Clients – Using a variety of media and designed materials, CORE makes it easy to stimulate a dialog between staff and clients encouraging acceptance and buy in to the therapy experience for their pet.
  • Consulting Services – Through an in-house business consultant, CORE provide practices with personalized support and ongoing education, guidance, training, and coaching. Each program is customized based on practice needs and client base configuration.

As part of Companion Animal Health’s ongoing commitment to education, the “Quick Consult” section of the app is free and can be found on the App Store downloaded onto any Apple iPad. The Quick Consult section offers videos and presentations featuring laser therapy, rehabilitation, and regenerative medicine products. This is a great tool to communicate product benefits, understand the technology, and to educate your team and clients about potential impact on pet health.

Interested parties who currently have an iPad may visit the App Store and download the Quick Consult section of Companion CORE to find out more about Companion Animal Health technologies. To locate it within the App Store easily, search for “LiteCure”. The remaining sections of the app are exclusively available to CORE or Laser Liaison member veterinary practices.  If you are a veterinary practice with a Companion Animal Health product and are interested in obtaining more information about the complete Companion CORE program, please call Diane Miller at 302-709-0408 x. 1525.

About Companion Animal Health

Companion Animal Health is the Delaware-based therapeutic laser manufacturer of Companion® and Pegasus® Class IV Veterinary Therapy Lasers.

Companion is a division of LiteCure and provides expertise in design, manufacturing, production, and support. Companion not only provides highly reliable products, but also the resources and tools to successfully incorporate laser technology and products in veterinary practice.

LiteCure is ISO13485-certified and continues its commitment to science, education, and the highest level of customer service.

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