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A Case Study: Putting Shine on Titan’s Golden Years

Read about how laser therapy helped 12-year-old Titan who was suffering from pain and inflammation in his aging joints and infected anal sacs.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. September 2010.
Author: Dennis Arp

A Case Study: Speedier Recovery After ACL Surgery

Laser therapy helps accelerate recovery after ACL surgery for 2-year-old boxer, Diamond.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. July 2010.
Author: Dennis Arp

A Case Study: Therapeutic Laser Fights Acute Otitis

Case Study: see how laser therapy effectively treated otitis in a Jack Russell terrier.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. January 2010.
Author: Dennis Arp

Spreading the Warmth

Veterinary technicians welcome responsibility of administering Class IV laser therapy.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. September 2009.
Author: Dennis Arp

Uses of Therapeutic Laser Expand

Read about how Dr. Robin Downing utilizes therapeutic laser in her clinic for a wide range of conditions.

Published: Veterinary Practice News. March 2009.
Author: Dennis Arp

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