Police K9 Recovers With Regenerative Medicine After Cliff Fall

After Police K9 Porter fell 25 feet during a search and rescue mission, Trooper Matt Warren was unsure what the future held for his partner. A visit to the emergency determined that Porter did not suffer a fracture, but in the weeks following the accident, he was unable to walk comfortably.

Anxious to get Porter fully mobile again, the rehabilitation therapist working with Porter contacted Dr. Sherman Canapp (an expert in canine rehabilitation) at VOSM to see what more could be done.  Dr. Canapp, understanding financial resources for Porter were limited, reached out to Project GO, an organization dedicated to funding life-changing veterinary care for animals in need.

With Project GO’s assistance, Porter was brought into the Veterinary Orthopedic Sports Medicine Group (VOSM) for evaluation. Dr. Canapp performed a thorough examination and determined Porter had several strains in the muscles and ligaments of his right forelimb. Given Porter’s failure to fully recover with traditional treatment methods, Dr. Canapp determined Porter would be a good candidate for a promising new treatment option known as regenerative medicine therapy.

Regenerative medicine is increasingly being used for soft tissue injuries, like Porter’s, with a growing body of research supporting its use. In this case, Dr. Canapp opted to treat Porter with a combination of regenerative therapies – platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells. He also commissioned a custom brace to help Porter’s leg remain immobile while the regenerative medicine treatments were working to heal the injuries.

After 8 weeks, the healing was evident; the swelling in the injured area was down and Porter was walking more comfortably in the brace.  Thanks to Drs. Sherman and Debra Canapp, the generosity of Project GO, and the healing powers of regenerative medicine, Porter’s future now holds promise of recovery.

Witness Porter’s story of recovery through the eyes of his dedicated partner, Trooper Matt Warren, in this moving video:

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