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Stafford Veterinary Hospital, Tail Amputation, Hound Mix

Severe soft tissue injury: patient had repeatedly self-mutilated his tail, exposing bone and cartilage

Author(s): Dr. Michael Pride, Satfford Veterinary Hospital, New Jersey, USA

Pet Dominion Veterinary Clinic, Soft Tissue Wound, DSH

The patient presented with a full-thickness wound that exposed skeletal muscle at the wound bed following a blood transfusion.

Author(s): Dr. Bassett, Pet Dominion Veterinary Clinic, Rockville, MD

Belpar Pet Care Centre, Idiosyncratic Drug Reaction, Yorkie-Poo

Patient presented for a “sore” in the armpit, alopecia, and limping of the left thoracic limb.

Author(s): Dr. Gainey, Belpar Pet Care Centre, Canton, OH

Oak Ridge Animal Clinic, Thermal Burn, Shih Tzu

Patient suffering from thermal burn finds relief with laser therapy.

Author(s): Dr. Shannon Moffat, DVM & Mrs. Nicole Brown, RVT, Oak Ridge Animal Clinic, Ontario, Canada

All About Outcomes

Brian LaRue, clinical director at ATI Physical Therapy in Pike Creek, DE, discusses how the addition of deep tissue laser therapy has improved the effectiveness of their manual treatments and led to accelerated recovery times, resulting in a greater degree of patient satisfaction.
Published: ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine. July, 21 2014.

Published: ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine. July, 21 2014.
Author(s): Brian LaRue, DPT, ATC, CWcHP

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