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ACL Injuries and Photobiomodulation

Incorporating laser therapy into treatment protocols for ACL injuries may be one way to encourage improved recovery outcomes.

Published: Training & Conditioning. November 2016. Volume XXVI, No. 08, Pg. 45.
Author(s): Perry Nickelston, DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA

Fallmouth Veterinary Hospital, Nonspecific Hepatitis, Standard Poodle

Hyporexia progressing to anorexia. Recent ingestion of crab shells and vomiting. Weight loss, cachexia, and lethargy were actively progressing.

Author(s): Dr. Douglas Andrews, Fallmouth Veterinary Hospital, Maine, USA

Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic, Deep Puncture Wound, Border Collie

Patient was attached by another dog during his daily walk.

Author(s): Dr. Erin Goelitz, Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic, Illinois, USA

Space Coast Veterinary Hospital, Large Necrotizing Wound, Pit Bull

Patient wandered off and returned with skin wounds. Patient was initially anesthetized for wound debridement upon presentation. Surgical revisits were required to further remove devitalized tissues five and nine days after the initial procedure. Laser treatment started on day ten.

Author(s): Dr. Sonia Pearson, Space Coat Veterinary Hospital, Florida, USA

Advanced Rehabilitation Center (MSU), Acupuncture Points, Labrador

Patient presented with a history of progressive exercise intolerance, muscle weakness, and respiratory stridor.

Author(s): Genia Smith, LVT, CCRP, Advanced Rehabilitation Center, Michigan State University, Michigan, USA

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